Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 8

Research Paper Example This paper explores attitude and concentration as two main elements that constitute professionalism in the hospitality industry. Attitude is a key factor in professionalism, and auspiciously, it is controllable. It denotes a person’s opinion towards a profession, and it is from this opinion that the character of a person is confessed. Every activity a person executes in the course of his hospitality career is a reflection of his or her attitude, such as the manner in which one relates with guests, coworkers, and customers. Being in control of one’s attitude is beneficial since one can develop a healthy attitude and sincere respect for the people one serves or works with, rather than seeing them as a necessary evil. A positive attitude will make the customers to respond positively, as well. In addition, the concentration of a person on a given task is a sure way of exhibiting professionalism. Concentration refers to being adept on what to do and at what time. Intrinsically, effective concentration involves the garnering of knowledge on what it takes to get a given task done. As Longstreet maintains, â€Å"There is no question that concentration takes practice† (Longstreet, 2013, P. 43). Practice is required to ensure that the actions and the decision making of a person are in harmony with each other. Naturally, the mind has the ability of carrying out several tasks simultaneously and hence causing a person’s concentration to disperse. However, through practice, a professional gets to learn on how to control his or her attention, which leads to effective self-control, a requisite skill in professionalism. In conclusion, each person working in the hospitality industry should be committed to being a professional and hence instancing growth in the industry. Through effective management of the controllable intangibles, such as attitude and

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