Saturday, November 16, 2019

Christmas The Very Word Brings Joy Essay Example for Free

Christmas The Very Word Brings Joy Essay Variety is the spice of life. Life without feasts and celebrations is charm less and lifeless. So is true in case of school life. Without functions and celebrations school life becomes monotonous and uninteresting. Therefore, almost all the schools have certain annual functions such as, Annual Sport Where excellence is a habit So lets enjoy the stage breaking performance. School fete is one event students eagerly wait.. A very good Morning Merry Christmas and welcome to one and all present here to join this eve, for join us. Kids, ladies and gentleman. We are feeling nice to meet you and see you on this holy occasion. We hope and assure that you will also feel nice in this musical and joyful atmosphere. So you are most welcome again. Enjoy all the joyful moments and sweet and soft music to make the moments unforgettable. Band is going to start this cheerful evening with holy and religious music. This occasion is very special to all of us so first some blessing prayers. After that for your guest of honor, for your welcome the band will present some cultural folk songs and dances. I am sure you all will completely lost in the heaven of musical feel and colour yourself in the colour of this incredible Christmas eve. To make this day memorable, joyful and cheerful a musical atmosphere created here. games stalls, many stalls of eatables n different kinds of rides have been arranged 2 mk dis day d most special one for u†¦ To make you energetic there are arrangements of snacks and soft drinks†¦ END :- At the end I would like 2 thank all the guests for making every single moment of dis fete d unforgettable and memorable one wid ur presence.. We hope you all enjoyed this beautiful day. Thanks for joining us and once again merry Christmas and happy New Year to one and all. May Jesus makes all your wishes come true†¦ thank you everyone thanks a lot†¦ Christmas is my favorite time of year. As a child, I loved the lights, the Christmas tree, the presents 🙂 As an adult, I still love the lights, the  music and the decorations†¦ The sky was dotted with a few fluffy clouds that looked like candy floss. All praise be to God for such a celestial and symphonious evening. An evening full of allure and amazement.

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